Add on Radiation Oncology Programme for ECVDI and ECVIM Diplomates

Moving forward in establishing the specialty of Radiation Oncology in Europe the EBVS has approved an add-on programme for diplomats of the ECVDI and ECVIM on 13th April 2013.

The Radiation Oncology Education and Credentials Committee (ROECC) has been formed and the members are:

Jane Dobson
Randi Drees
Miriam Kleiter
Carla Rohrer Bley

The ROECC has been charged with the following tasks:

↷ Recognition of de facto members


The de facto process has closed in April 2018. Applications are no longer accepted.

↷ Recognition of Radiation Oncology training programs and enrolment of trainees

↷ Establishment of radiation oncology as an integral part of both ECVDI and ECVIM-CA colleges

The EVDI conference in Verona 2017 was a great success and featured two radiation oncolgoy keynotes as well as a session on oncological imaging. We are looking forward to the IVRA conference 2018 in Fort Worth that will be held in conjunction with ACVR.

Further meetings focussing or including radiation oncology: (check under congres)

American society for radiation oncology (ASTRO)

There are further interesting meetings coming up later this and in the following year that will be of interest to those working in or endeavoring in the field of radiation oncology in veterinary medicine.

Veterinary cancer society (VCS)

European society of veterinary oncology (ESVONC)

European society for radiotherapy
and oncology and related meetings (ESTRO)

Radiation Research Society

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