a platform for teleradiology and telemedicine is looking for Diplomates as well as Residents (board eligible) to join our network.

We are growing especially in the German speaking countries but offer services in English as well.

We know about the resources of radiology experts. Therefore we created our platform to maximize the resources of specialists expertise. Experts can join our platform for free without any obligations. Open radiology studies are shown in a list and can be picked in the personal time window for a reporting within 12-24 hours.

Commissions are paid on a monthly basis. With our internal invoicing, experts can create their invoices within the account.

We are happy about every report and offer a unique possibility to write reports and get paid for them in the personal agenda.

Register for free via:

German speaking: https://www.diplovets.com/nc/userregister/diplomate.html
English speaking: https://www.diplovets.com/en/nc/userregister/diplomate.html

For any information please feel free to contact us via info@diplovets.com

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