Credentials Committee


Chris Warren-Smith


Nathalie Rademacher - Diplomate and Large Animal Imaging Associate re-evaluations

Christina Precht - Resident matters and examination applications

Ines Carrera - Resident matters and examination applications

          Alison Fairburn - Resident matters and examination applications

          Pete Mantis - Resident matters and examination applications

          Sandra Martig- Program accreditations and re-accreditations 

Marie-Aude Genain - Program accreditations and re-accreditations

Hege Kippenes - Program accreditations and re-accreditations

        Francesca Del Chicca - Program accreditations and re-accreditations

        Chee Kin Lim - Program accreditations and re-accreditations        


Application for Residency Accreditation:

Accreditation is required for all new residency programmes, and re-accreditation for existing programmes is performed every 5 years. Residency directors will be contacted when their programmes are due for re-accreditation. Forms are due by July 1 of the year of accreditation review. The full details are available in section of the Policies and Procedures document.

To begin a new residency accreditation application, or to begin the re-accreditation, log in to your account on and look for the link "Programme Accreditation" under the menu My Details. The forms are available for download, and instructions for submission are provided.

Resident Documentation

Residency Programme documents and the timetable for Diploma candidates can be found
by going to the Resident Credential Guide. 

Continuining Education Evaluation (CEE)

In order to remain ‘Active’ Diplomate, the EBVS (European Board of Veterinary Specialisation) requests that all members report a satisfactory activity level every five years.  For doing so, the Diplomate shall electronically submit a continuing evaluation (CED) form within one month after invitation by the Credential Committee.

To begin the evaluation process, go to the link for "Member Re-Evaluation" under the "My Details" menu once you are logged into the website. The CED form and submission form are available there.

Definitions and requirements regarding Diplomate status can be found in the College constitution, under section 2.3.