ROECC Committee

Radiation Oncology Education and Credentials Committee

Miriam Kleiter DECVIM-CA Rad Oncol
Jane Dobson DECVIM-CA Rad Oncol 
Randi Drees DECVDI Rad Oncol
Jerome Benoit DECVDI Rad Oncol


The radiation oncology education and credentials committee (ROECC) was charged with the following tasks upon its foundation: recognition of de facto members (de facto application period now closed), recognition of radiation oncology training programmes and enrolment of trainees, as well as review of the credentials of the trainees, and establishment of radiation oncology as an integral part of both ECVDI and ECVIM-CA colleges. 

The ROECC consists of four members, two from ECVDI and two from ECVIM-CA [Oncol].