Professor Luigi PozziProfessor  Luigi Pozzi Dr. Med. Vet, Dr. hc., Dipl. ECVDI

Luigi Pozzi graduated from the University of Turin in 1951 cum laude.  He was volunteer assistant at the Obstetric and Gynaecology Department 1952-1954. He then became an assistant Professor 1954-1977. In 1962-1963 he received the Diploma in Radioisotopic Techniques at the Faculty of Mathematics, Physic and Natural Sciences, University of Turin. In 1978 and until 1982 he was Full Professor of surgical science, and in 1982 he also became Full Professor in Radiology.

In 1981 he took an advanced NATO course in San Miniato about “the use of human cells for the assessment of the risk from physical and chemical agents”. In January 1985 he was at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Bologna in ultrasound. In June 1986  he was a visitor at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Minnesota (US) in clinical radiology and ultrasound. In November 1988 he was at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Uppsala (Sweden) in echocardiography. He became Director of the School of  Specialization in Radiology at the University of Turin (1992-1997). In 1992, the Academia of Agriculture of Lublin (Poland) awarded Luigi Pozzi with the Laurea honoris causa.  He was a member of several societies and in 1993 became a Diplomate of the European College of Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging. In 1994-1995 he was the Chairman of the Examination Committee. In August 1994 he was in Philadelphia (US) for his continuing education.

Research and Publications

Luigi Pozzi was author or co-author of many scientific publications and conference presentations.

He created the Italian version of several books of radiology and ultrasound, and he was a co-author of the book “Veterinary Radiology”, Gnocchi Ed., Napoli, 2005 (Italian language).

Professor Luigi PozziTeaching

Luigi Pozzi had an extensive teaching experience. His formal teaching career included teaching in small and large animals Obstetric, Surgery, Radiology, Ultrasound and Nuclear Medicine.

He went on a mission at the University of Mogadiscio (Somalia) January-May 1979, and July-November 1982.

In January-February 1987 and February-March 1988 he went on  a mission at the Ecole Interétats de Médécine et Sciences Vétérinaires, in  Dakkar, Senegal.

In terms of continuing professional education he presented many short courses to the veterinary profession.

Professor Luigi Pozzi was the supervisor of several Doctoral students, Doctoral of Research students, and co-supervised three residents for the ECVDI Diploma.

Luigi was our teacher, our mentor and also a great friend, always close to us not only professionally but personally as well. He was like an adoptive father  for us and he was able to change his role  from strict teacher to  invaluable supportive companion. He was always checking on us, ready to gently steer us in the right direction. He was always there for us, for our families, for our personal issues or problems.

He was a great pillar for his own family and he managed to be both a dedicated father and husband and a great professional figure. He dedicated his life to radiology and he was well known in the radiology community worldwide. We all feel there is an empty space now.

We were lucky to be his pupils at the Radiology School or his residents during our ECVDI traning and we will always remember him as a Professor with capital P. His teaching was endless and we followed his lead in broadening our knowledge. He never forgot about us, for all his life he kept contact with each of us, keeping a watchful eye on all of us as every benevolent father does.

We thank him for having been there for us and for having helped us to become better individuals in our personal as well as professional lives.

We thank him for opening the radiology door to us and for showing us the marvellous world of imaging.

We thank him for his efforts and guidance to keep us together and to make us better radiologists.

After all these years we will miss his words, tips, advice, emails and calls. Our lighthouse is not there any more but his light will always guide us. We miss him and always will.

Massimo Vignoli, Monica Merlo, Luca Baracchini, Giacomo Gnudi, Federica Rossi & Vic Rendano.