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European College of Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging®

The European College of Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging® (ECVDI®) is an organisation whose goals are to advance veterinary diagnostic imaging in Europe and increase the competence of those who practise in this field.

The college establishes guidelines for post-graduate education and experience prerequisite for becoming a specialist in veterinary diagnostic imaging, and also examines and certifies veterinarians as specialists in veterinary diagnostic imaging to serve the veterinary profession and the public in general.

Our mission is to ensure that our members are equipped to provide the highest quality of veterinary care and advanced knowledge in veterinary diagnostic imaging and radiation oncology and to help them to disseminate that knowledge.


The ECVDI® membership consists of Diplomates, Associate Members, Honorary Members, and Retired Members. There are currently 269 practicing Diplomates, 25 Associate Members, 5 Honorary Members. There are also 111 residents active in the College.

Radiation Oncology

Selected ECVDI® Diplomates carry the add on title in radiation oncology. Those individuals are qualified to provide expert care in treating your pet with radiation therapy, as commonly applied in cancer treatment using specialised radiation therapy equipment.

Pet Owners

ECVDI® Diplomates are a vital part of the health care team that cares for all types of animals. The interaction between you and your primary care veterinarian is enhanced by specialist interpretation of diagnostic images, helping the team provide the best possible care for your animal.

Healthy Pets

ECVDI Online congress

We are thrilled to announce the ECVDI 2020 online conference! Following the difficult decision to postpone EVDI 2020, in a move to support our residents, stay connected with our colleagues and promote ongoing advancement of veterinary diagnostic imaging in Europe, ECVDI Congress is going virtual!


Veterinary Professionals

Specialists in diagnostic imaging are an important part of the patient care team. ECVDI® Diplomates are on top of the rapid advancement in technology that has resulted in digital imaging and advanced cross-sectional techniques. Diplomates are available in University and private practice to provide expert interpretation of all types of images.

In addition, the ECVDI® is promoting the establishment of the speciality of radiation therapy in Europe by means of the add on programme, which allows ECVDI® or ECVIM-CA [Oncol] Diplomates to gain this title and provide expert care to veterinary patients with cancer and other diseases responsive to radiation therapy.

Diplomates that hold the additional add on qualification are available in University and speciality private practice to provide expert care across Europe.

Programmes in Collaboration

The add on radiation oncology programme has been established in collaboration with the ECVIM-CA [Oncol] and currently has a total membership of 17 members (10 ECVDI® Diplomates) and 2 active trainees.

Become a Resident

Please submit Form E to the ECVDI® Admin to initiate your registration. Once this has been processed you will recieve a username and password to access the the payment area of the website.

Vacancy Adverts

Your organisation can advertise vacancies at the ECVDI® website easily and economically. Our vacancy lists are specific to the veterinary profession and are viewed by practitioners from all over the world.

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