Add on Radiation Oncology Programme Application Information

Recognition of de facto membership for qualified DipECVDI (add Rad Oncol) or DipECVIM- CA [Oncol] (add Rad Oncol)


Version from 23rd December 2013


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1. Qualifications
The following is a list of qualifications on which an application for de facto membership (add Rad Oncol) of qualified ECVDI and ECVIM-CA [Oncol] Diplomates will be based, according to EBVS rules. This is established according to the training program, Attachment II, version July 11, 2012, which was accepted by EBVS on 13.4.2013 and amended accordingly by the  ROECC January 2014.

Individuals of the two categories listed below are invited to apply for de facto recognition to acquire the add-on title veterinary radiation oncologist (add Rad Oncol). These requirements must be met at the DATE of application.
1. Category 1: Those that are Diplomate ECVIM-CA [Oncol] or Diplomate ECVDI and also have the title Diplomate ACVR Radiation Oncology

2. Category 2: Those that are Diplomate ECVIM-CA [Oncol] or Diplomate ECVDI and:

  1. Have at least seven years of experience in veterinary radiation oncology and are currently active in this field.
  2. Spend at least 50 per cent of their time in radiation oncology.
  3. Have published at least three original articles in refereed journals as first author and at least three additional articles as co-author related to radiation oncology, excluding reviews and proceeding abstracts.

Other qualifications (such as academic degrees including Master, Dr. med. vet., PhD or other certifications) will not be considered.
Application for de facto recognition is possible up to 5 years after EBVS has provided provisional recognition (which was on 13th April 2013).


1. Completing the application form

The application form (02 APPLICATION FORM de facto add RadOnc.doc) must be completed in full electronically. Incomplete forms cannot be considered. Applicants in category 1 need to complete Part A-B and complete the statement on the last page of the application document. Applicants in category 2 need to complete Part A-D and complete the statement on the last page of the application document. All applicants need to submit the accompanying documentation as outlined in #2 below.
Please ensure that the e-mail address you supply is current and the mailbox is empty enough to receive incoming mail as this is the method we will use to contact you.  
You should aim to provide succinct but sufficient details, as directed by the questions in the form and the notes regarding eligibility, to provide evidence of your contributions to your speciality. The Radiation Oncology Education and Credential Committee (ROECC) can only make an assessment on clear, concise, specific and properly detailed information. If you are in any doubt as to the suitability of material for inclusion then please add a note outlining why you think the information should be considered in support of your application.  

The document should be signed via an electronic pdf signature or a pasted scanned in signature.  Alternatively the document can be hand signed and the signature page provided as separate document. The file name should contain the applicant’s name.

Once completed, please name the main application document in the following manner for submission:
Last name of the applicant_initial of given name_ROappl.pdf
Example: Miller_J_ROappl.pdf

2. Accompanying documentation

All qualifications must be held at the date of application and appropriate evidence must be submitted for each e.g. Diploma / Certificate / Parchment / Letter of Award.  Documents should be scanned and submitted electronically in pdf format along with the application form.
All publications and articles in refereed journals listed for Part D Question 8 must be submitted electronically in full as pdf files along with the application form.  

Please name all accompanying documentation in the following manner for submission:
Last name of applicant_initial of given name_Part to which the documentation belongs (A, B, D, or E)_Numerical and subnumerical to which the documentation belongs_abbreviated description.pdf
Example: Miller_J_PartB_4a_ACVR-RO certificate.pdf
Example: Miller_J_PartD_8_Miller VRU 2013 OSA palliative.pdf

3. Submission of the application form

The application form and all accompanying documentation should be in pdf format with the title formed as indicated under points 1. and 2. in this document. Please send the documents by email to the secretary of the college from which the applicant already holds the European Diploma:

DipECVIM send to:
DipECVDI send to:


4. Application fee

The application fee of 100 Euro and 300 Euro for applicants in category 1 and 2 respectively is due at the time of submission of the application and payable through web pay on the ECVDI or ECVIM websites respectively; the fee is non-refundable.

ECVDI Diplomates: Please click HERE and submit your payment selecting the appropriate application category (1 or 2) using the paypal system.  A copy of the payment receipt is to be included in the documentation sent to the respective secretary by email. Receipts are sent directly by email to the payer from the payment gateway (PayPal) by default on successful transactions. Please check your junk mail folder in case you do not see the receipt in your inbox.

Closing date for applications: 12th April 2018

4. What happens next?
The applications will be reviewed bi-annually and you will be notified within 6 months by email as to whether or not your application has been successful. Notification will be sent to the address you have provided on the form.

5. Appeals procedures.

In the event of an adverse decision by the ROECC regarding de facto recognition for (add Rad Oncol), the affected person has the right to appeal against this decision.  The appeal should be directed to the Secretary of the college the affected member is a member of and will be performed according to the policies and procedures of the respective college.


  1. Completed, signed and dated application form as pdf (02 APPLICATION FORM de facto add RadOnc.doc, renamed as indicated under #1 above).
  2. Evidence of all professional / academic qualifications (e.g. copy of letter of award certificate / diploma/parchment) as pdf (files named as indicated under #2 above).
  3. Pdf version of full publication for each item submitted under Part D Question 8 (files named as indicated under #2 above).


I’m not sure if something should be included in my application or not

If you are not sure then include it with a note as to why you feel it should be taken into consideration by the committee in support of your application

I have forgotten to include a document / I wish to amend a document after submission

Please contact  or and we will arrange for your file to be deleted so you can replace it with a new one.

If you have any questions regarding the application process that has not been covered in this document please contact or