ECVDI® Executive Committee

  • Andrew Parry (President)
  • Christopher Warren-Smith (Vice-President)
  • Pascaline Pey (Secretary)  Veerle Volckaert (Secretary-Designate)

  • Virginie Barberet (Treasurer)
  • Allison Zwingenberger (Past President)
  • Xander Huizing (Member at large)
  • Elisabeth Baines (Member at large)

  • Chair Credential Committee: Christopher Warren-Smith
  • Director Examination Committee: Jennifer Kinns
  • Chair Examination Committee: Gawain Hammond
  • Chair Education Committee: Daniela Schweizer
  • Chair Radiation Oncology Education and Credentials Committee (ROECC): Randi Drees

Andrew Parry

Andrew Parry


Andrew Parry
Willows Veterinary Centre
and Referral Service
Highlands Road, Shirley,
West Midlands,
B90 4NH, 0121 7127070

Andrew Parry

Virginie Barberet


United Kingdom

Christopher Warren-Smith

Vice President

Pascaline Pey


Allison Zwingenberger

Past President

Allison Zwingenberger
Dept of Surgical and Radiological Sciences
School of Veterinary Medicine
2112 Tupper Hall
University of California
Davis, CA 95616

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