EBVS Committee

Federica Rossi 

Tobias Schwarz (alternative representative)

EBVS Common Training Framework

Common Training Framework

  • Currently there is automatic recognition of professional qualifications of 7 sectoral professions in EU but not for specialist veterinarians.
  • A new EU directive provides the legal framework for recognition of professional qualifications thus enabling EBVS to apply for the CTF under certain conditions
  • Conditions of the CTF:
    • Enables more professionals to move across member states
    • Regulated in at least one third of Member States
    • Common set of knowledge, skills and compentences → obtained at “University” or “vocational training course”
    • Based on levels of European Qualifications Framework (EQF):
      • DVM = EQF level 7
      • PhD, specialists = EQF level 8 (highest level)
  • Benefits of CTF:
    • Specialists can move freely in participating countries
    • Specialist title can be used without restrictions
    • Benchmark standard for veterinary specialist education
    • Legal recognition for the distinctiveness of the veterinary specialist skillset to contribute to and improve animal and public health and well being
    • Increases credibility towards veterinary profession and public
  • Requirements to our college:
    • Apply European principles of Quality Assurance
    • Have training programs in line with EQF level 8
    • When implementing EQF, QA systems should include consistent evaluation methods, associating self-assessment and external review (2008/C111/01)
    • Diplomates maintain required knowledge, skills and competences
    • Diplomates follow a specific Code of Conduct

 See powerpoint presentation at link below.


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