Klaus HartungKlaus Hartung

Prof. Dr. habil., DipECVDI 1938 - 2016

Klaus Hartung passed away on the 7th of September 2016 at the age 78. The international veterinary radiology community has lost a great teacher, scientist, colleague and above all, friend.

Klaus Hartung was born on 26th of February 1938 in Oldenburg, Germany. Spending his childhood in several different parts of Germany, he studied veterinary medicine at the veterinary faculties in Berlin and Munich where he graduated in 1962. In 1963 he married the love of his life Ulrike and together they raised 4 children: Sven, Julia, Esther and Hannah. In the same year the family moved to West Berlin, and Klaus started as a lecturer and PhD candidate at the young Veterinary Faculty of the Free University of Berlin under Professor Erwin Becker.

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Dr. Martin Paul Weaver

Martin WeaverMartin Weaver was born into a veterinary family, his father, Professor David Weaver, being formerly an eminent farm animal clinician at Glasgow University Veterinary School. Having a German mother, Martin was bilingual and studied and worked in the Germany as well as in the U.K. and Ireland. His veterinary career of 26 years was almost entirely devoted to large animal imaging and surgery and he had published and lectured widely on the subject.

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Professor Luigi PozziProfessor  Luigi Pozzi Dr. Med. Vet, Dr. hc., Dipl. ECVDI

Luigi Pozzi graduated from the University of Turin in 1951 cum laude.  He was volunteer assistant at the Obstetric and Gynaecology Department 1952-1954. He then became an assistant Professor 1954-1977. In 1962-1963 he received the Diploma in Radioisotopic Techniques at the Faculty of Mathematics, Physic and Natural Sciences, University of Turin. In 1978 and until 1982 he was Full Professor of surgical science, and in 1982 he also became Full Professor in Radiology.

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Professor Robert Wrigley BVSc, DVR, MS, Dipl ACVR, Dipl ECVDI

Robert Wrigley graduated from the University of Sydney in 1977 with a BVSc and Honours II.  He was awarded the Diploma of Veterinary Radiology from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (UK) in 1981, and obtained a Master of Science from the Department of Radiology and Radiation Biology at Colorado State University in 1982. 

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