Organisation of the College

ECVDI Committees

The College is made up of 4 primary committees; these are recommended by EBVS and they are permanent. They are: the Education Committee, the Credentials Committee, the Examination Committee and the Nomination Committee. Next to them, we have many secondary committees, who are mostly specific for our College.

Below, you can find a short overview of the different committees, their function and their members. In short, the roles of the respective committees are as follows:

Primary committees

The Education committee  defines and updates the scientific knowledge required for the examination (based on the evolution of the specialization).


The Education committee publishes a syllabus and a reading list for the residents-in-training.

The syllabus is a resident study list. This list contains everything the residents have to study for the exam. The reading list is a non-exhaustive list of books and journals recommended by ECVDI. These provide additional information about the topics in the syllabus. The residents can use this list as a study aid.

The Credentials committee has tasks related to the training centers (accreditation and re-accreditation of training centers), the training of the residents (acceptance of formal and individual training programs, evaluation of resident training) and continuing education evaluation of Diplomates and Associate members.

The Examination committee evaluates the knowledge of the candidates by organizing an examination in Diagnostic Imaging each year during one week in January / February. The Examination committee consists of 9 members, which include the chair of the small animal examination and the chair of the large animal examination. These 9 members prepare the examination and question the candidates. An Examination Review subcommittee assesses the new questions submitted by the examination team for the Theory section of the examination.

The Nomination committee nominates candidates for the open positions in the College. In general, the committee members try to stimulate the interest of college members for the college affairs. For a specific open position, the committee contacts college members whom they deem competent and/or collect the candidatures for positions.

Normally the college members follow the hierarchy in the College, in order to insure that the most active members get the higher positions and that the college progression is linear and continuous. We hope that, in the future, there will be plenty of candidates for our open positions and that this committee will become a selection committee, instead of a nomination committee.

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